We know Nonprofits and the budget constraints that you face. Even with your uphill climb to complete your mission, you still manage to get it all done.

We can help you be more effective and get more done with less.


All tuned for Nonprofits, to be affordable and reliable.


NPS provides you with tech support and organizational support that you can count on with low, Nonprofit only pricing.

Fast – We are a company that uses advanced tools to predict failures and fix things before you know they break. This saves time and money.

Reliable – Real Tech Support help. Live techs that have years of Nonprofit experience. Either on the phone or via live remote support.

Secure – Using cutting edge tools to make your systems safer and more secure. Stopping viruses before they start is a great way to cut down on computer problems.

We Care – As long-time advocates for the Nonprofit sector, we care about and support the Nonprofit world. Work with a team that values what you do.

Call, email or chat with us to learn more about how we help Nonprofits grow and become more successful.

Services and Costs

NPS Simple Advantage allows you to budget for day-to-day cost easily. You can budget your managed service expenses because your monthly costs are laid out yearly. Our service level agreement guarantees responsive performance.

The NPS team, powered by Viener4Gates has the experience and knowledge gained from supporting many different networks. This experience cannot be gained by supporting one network. Coupling that experience and know-how with Simple Advantage, you have the resources to proactively manage and maintain business-critical components such as firewalls, employee usage, and antivirus and anti-malware suites.

Some features that are available:


Every business needs data backups. Nonprofits are no different.

All of your donor data is on a system somewhere. Do you have a good copy of that “must have” data?

NPS has cloud and on premises solutions to make sure you have the data you need to prosper.