Charity Armour

Membership software and Volunteer Tracking for the modern non-profit.

The Future of Online Membership is Here!

Full Release coming July 2019

There’s nothing half baked about it—Charity Armour will give your members the ability to create, update, and upgrade or cancel their subscriptions directly from your website. And since Charity Armour leverages the automated billing systems on the payment gateway’s side there’s no complex setup … You’ll be able to sit back and relax with the confidence that your payments will come in regularly and that Charity Armour will automatically grant or revoke access to your members based on those payments.

You’ll never be left hanging when it comes to how things are going on your membership site with Charity Armour. We’ve put a lot of thought into the reporting in Charity Armour to make sure it will give you all of the information you’ll need and none of the information you won’t. Charity Armour reports will always let you know how much money you’re bringing in, which products are selling … and much more.

Charity Armour has all the features you’d expect from a great membership site plugin … and this includes content dripping (a.k.a. timed release of content) and content access expiration.

Charity Armour expands what your organization can capture and report on with the newest module, Volunteer Watch. Volunteer Watch catalogs and tracks your volunteer participation for grant management, services hours and other reporting environments.

For more on Charity Armour, give us a call or email.